We are living at 21th century and yet our people ruled by the 7th century era rulers and who are we and why do we make all the wrong choices and why did we change the free society to dictatorship society and what was wrong with having the country moving forward instead of backward, I understand we had single ruler who was making a decision for all us, but we were evolving and it takes time for the nation like ours that was suffering from social understanding and education and it was hard to clean the society with mid evil beliefs that was injected to their vain over the centuries.

Prior to 1979 Iranian were moving forward to advancement and technology and social improvement and education and same time we were middle of cold war between super powers which we were the shield for west and same time we were struggling from the knowledge of what we had 50 year before that and how our parents and grandparents lived their life’s and we had a short memory of our history  that to compare 1979 to end of GAJAR dynasty and where were we and how we were and our most educated people in foreign countries were studying in universities and every time our king was visiting those countries same people were coming out  and chanting dictator and they had no knowledge what is dictator is and what they wanted to have and they had no idea how the propaganda from west to east and dirty foreign policy arm wrestling that effecting them and naively our nation fallen in trap of powers that their intention was nothing but use us like before as a shield against the soviet and what was the best lab tested way to stop the eastern power was the religion power which was tested in neighbouring country and was approved to be successful and what is that approved to us that we are the weak nation with weak society with beliefs that could blind us with name of religion and we are approved to be great believers of empty hollow and non realistic promises like heaven and 70 virgins and so many fictional things. Today our country is divided in several parts which heading to destruction before our own eyes and we have the people running the country with fanatic and most destructive way that we have ever experienced in our history and we have extremely disoriented society which suffering with internal and external politics which heading to disaster and ultimate goal is unknown.

Government is accusing every one as an agent of foreign countries and history repeats itself again and same rulers were accusing king being western poppet and I wonder haven’t they forgotten where their leader and founder of Islamic regime came from and weren’t they supported by British and American and have they forgotten that French government delivered their mentor for free to our country and why is that today so called green leaders want to go back to future and haven’t we had enough of them yet and where do we do drew the line and  say enough is enough and lecturing about peaceful movement and have we  had such success in our history isn’t in Islam if you kill or die you go to heaven and so if there is such a belief in this government what you think they are going to do? Wrong movement in wrong society and wrong country and there is no compromises come with these clerics or their god’s army and so what can be reformed and how can be reformed?

Is it the religion to be blamed to our backward thinking or lack of understanding of religion that we praise, and aren’t all religions are the same and aren’t all talk about things that doesn’t apply with this Era and are we advanced enough society that do or live without religion direction and keep that in closet not in back of our mind or concise?     

We are paying for our own mistakes and wrong choices and we do not understand and trust each other and mistrust is our own enemy and we are the nation who could have a peaceful and free society and knowledgeable society and if we could trust one another and work for our nation interest and our countries best interest and not to our own personal interest, we could learn from small countries like Denmark or Sweden or Germany or Japan or the countries like it. Japan and Germany were destroyed 60 years ago and now two most advanced society and country in the world and countries like Sweden and Denmark are the great example of nation who could trust each other.    


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