Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: invitation to write

I’ve never done this and usually Nazi Kaviani invites people to write but I’d like to ask fellow contributors to write a piece about the remarks made by Shadi Sadr that ALL Iranian men are chauvinists and as a nation we need to overcome this problem. While this ALL statement may not be a complete representative of her remarks everyone is welcome to read the original article, I couldn’t find an English version. Do you think ALL Iranian men are chauvinists?

There are just a few suggestions as guidelines and I don’t know if anyone will respond but should you decide to accept this mission 🙂

– Please use the title Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: ______ (followed by your title)

– Your piece can be in English or Farsi

– Your piece can be of any form; poem, cartoon, blog or even a belog!

– Your piece can be for or against Ms. Sadr’s remarks, as long as it is your view

– Your piece can also be about feminism or women’s rights as it relates to Ms. Sadr’s remarks

– Try to keep your piece under 2000 words

– Please provide a link to this invitation in your piece so I can later post links here

I urge everyone to join and contribute as this is an important enough issue and Ms. Sadr’s comments are bold enough to explore further.

A background for Shadi Sadr can be found here and last month she was sentenced in absentia to six years in jail and 74 lashes. 74 lashes!

Cartoon translation: Over my dead body on Valentine’s day, wash them tomorrow not today.


Post Script

Following contributors accepted the invitation with the following contributions so far:

R2-D2   with  The Truth About A Reality – Women’s Rights In General, And In Iran In Particular

Ari Siletz  with  Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: stubbornness isn’t an option.

gunjesk with  Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: It’s Not Just Chauvinism

Azadeh Azad  with  Chauvinists vs. Shadi Sadr: As Good As It Gets

Anonymouse  with  Chauvinists vs Shadi Sadr: Chauvinists defining Feminists

humanbeing  with  chauvinists vs. shadi sadr: flotilla to the rescue of the ‘homo iranicus’ 

Following contributions while not in direct response to this invitation are related to this subject:

MM  and  Officer Shadi Sadr at the TSA line?

Anahid Hojjati  and  Problem of Iranian men is that they are controlling just like men all over the world

Azadeh Azad  and  Cartoon:The Discreet Charm of the Iranian Men!

Sanaz Fotouhi  and  Reading Men in Reading Lolita in Tehran

Ghormeh Sabzi  and  Kiarostami: Impossible to understand women

Hossein Bagher Zadeh  and  مردهراسی یا مردستیزی Hossein Bagher Zadeh  and  گرم شدن هوا 


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