Can we go see the fireworks?
I’ve seen them before. Mommy took me to see them once.
They were so beautiful!

Perhaps some day, my dear.
Can I take my doll, too?

Yes, sweetie, she can go with you.

Last time we watched the fireworks,
The earth didn’t shake.
The windows didn’t break.
And my little sister they didn’t awake. 
And the sirens didn’t go off.
And no one screamed.
I saw everyone’s face,
With smiles they beamed.
And each time the fireworks went bang,
Everyone looked happy.
And us kids jumped up and down,
And joyous tunes we sang.  
Are you sure these are the sounds of fireworks?
Yes. My dear, they are.
Now, you go back to sleep, 
So you’ll have a nice dream.
And in your dream you will see all your friends,
With smiles their beautiful faces beam.
And you’ll find yourself  
Jumping up and down with them.
And you and everyone around you,
Will be filled with joy,
As if you were in a dream.
G. Rahmanian,  2010

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