I did my part

I have been a fan of the Child Foundation since I first heard about them seven or eight years ago.

Their mission is unique in that they collect donations for specific children who aren’t just poor but making good grades in school. There is hope for them to become successful and meaningful members of society only if by some miracle there was enough money to buy school supplies, clothes, and food! A roof over their head!

One year I would send a small donation to the foundation, other years I would forget. But it was always in the back of my mind what wonderful work they did. And I was really impressed after I saw Mahyad Tousi’s documentary about their work in Iran.

Recently I’ve been visiting their website, looking at their child waiting list, thinking about sponsoring one. Should I sponsor a boy or girl? From Iran, Afghanistan or Indonesia? I look at their pictures, one sweeter and more innocent than the other. All of them have heartbreaking stories yet with a little help, very little help from you and me, they can pull out of misery, stay in school and change their fate.

I promised myself I would sponsor one of the children as soon as I got my next paycheck. Last night I finally did it. I pledged $40 a month to support one of the girls. I’ve taken a very small step and yet the rewards can be truly meaningful in a helpless child’s life.

Now imagine if 10 or 20 of you did the same, today, this month. Imagine how much hope you can bring to a desperate household. That was my hope, to do my part, sponsor a child, blog about it and get you to do it too.

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