I did my part

I have been a fan of the Child Foundation since I first heard about them seven or eight years ago. Their mission is unique in

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M. Saadat Noury


Persepolis (Old Persian: Parsa, New Persian: Takht-e-Jamshid) is a site located in the southwest Iranian province of Fars, on the eastern edge of the broad

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برگی از خاطرات

اولین بار، با عکسهای نادر داوودی درجام جهانی پیش آشنا شدم. وقتی که، نه به جای زنان ودختران ایران و نه به عنوان نماینده آنها،

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It appears that the war train in the Middle East is on the way.  There are no doubts that the issues of internal struggles for

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Are We Pistachios?

Sometimes it’s better not to pay attention to names, because while I’m mad at a woman I heard on the radio the other day, I

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انقراض مردان

«حنا روزن» از روزنامه‌نگاران جنجالی آمریکایی است که همزمان برای بسیاری از نشریات معتبر آمریکا مطلب می‌نویسد. جدیدترین مقاله‌ی پر سر و صدای او در

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The Spill

You welcome the sight of a beautiful day. Bright and clear, no clouds or waves over or under the ship. Nothing but blue in the

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