Just like the imposition and the subsequent easing of weak sanctions, various offers accompanied by fantastic rewards, endless meetings with 5 plus one or even one on one with high American officials have not deflected IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic from its acquisition of weaponized nuke, international terrorism and wholesale violation of human rights of its enslaved Iranian population—the latest more robust set of international sanctions will not fare any better.

Before the messianic Islamist Rapists with announced mission to “manage the world” impose a devastating war on Iran and in the process destabilize the vital ME region even further than they have done till now, the sane world has to step up to the plate.

Iranian people have demonstrated their burning desire for the Western style freedom and the awesome bravery to achieve it, but they need the helping hand of the Democracies just like those democracies got help in achieving theirs.

Realizing after so many decades of trying to live with the virulent Islamist beast is an impossibility, it is high time to take no for an answer. Helping Iranians to retire their Islamist Rapist tyrants is to be helping the world.

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