The Kiss

Note: Poem was written from the perspective of a man.


I love to close my eyes

Imagining us cheek to cheek

Wrapped in your arms 

Holding you so tightly

Feeling such intense joy

My heart is pounding

Feel it pounding for you

As I draw you to me tightly

I can feel you tremble at my touch

Such warmth within your arms

The scent of your perfume

Spellbinding as I delight in the scent

Completely captivates my thoughts

Arousing all my senses

The sound of your voice

So full of joy and sweetness

Enchanting me with every word

I fall deeper into your spell

I long to kiss your lips

As you close your eyes

I gently hold your hair back

I slowly draw you to me

In my kiss you feel

My love and compassion

Slowly my lips touch yours

Very softly and gently

I kiss you softly

My mouth gently covering yours

I kiss you deeply, intently, and lovingly

I feel a shiver through my spine

Love fills my mind and soul

A sense of warmth comes over me

I slowly back away and gaze into your eyes

Can you feel my intense joy for you?

I long to get closer to you

A need for a deeper connection

I love that feeling

A sense of belonging

I feel such deep passion for you

My soul aches for yours

My heart is only yours

I will save my heart for you

You simply take my breath away

Every time we kiss

Falling deeper in love with you

So deep my soul glows with love

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