Afghan imbroglio — will it ever end?

years ago after we had talked about all manner of jihadists for an
hour—jihadists in Kashmir attacking India, jihadists in Afghanistan
attacking America, jihadists infiltrating India and jihadists in
Pakistan attempting to kill President Pervez Musharraf—I asked the
American ambassador in Islamabad, “don’t you feel that you spend all
your time just picking up the pieces for the wrongheaded policies when
the West supported the jihadists as a tool against the Soviet presence
in Afghanistan?” He sighed, nodded and replied, “That’s right”.

away from that conversation I was convinced more than ever that the
various terrorist movements unleashed in this corner of the world over
the last 20 years have their origins in the policies of Jimmy Carter,
that most pacific of all post war American presidents who, prodded by
his National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, decided to undermine
and repel the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on Christmas Day, 1979, by
any means necessary, including the funding, training and arming of
Islamic militants who burned with anti-communist zealotry much as they
burn against the Western or Indian ‘infidel’ today.

Indeed, later
evidence provided by Brzezinski seems to demonstrate that the US
actually wanted the Soviet army to invade Afghanistan. “We did not push
the Russians into inv… >>>

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