New Low for and Jahanshah Javid

On 8/18/2010, gave priority to Fred and Co. to accuse some people as prostitutes because of attending a conference in Iran. has gone down one more level by allowing garbage against our people to be displayed in the name of freedom of speech.  I know two of these ladies who stopped posting on because of personal attacks.  These ladies should go after coward accusers.   

I wrote today to JJ that this kind of reporting is not acceptable especially when neo-con’s are barking on daily basis and military establishments cannot wait to start another war to fill their pockets. must not be used to promote hatred towards our people be it by Iranians or non-Iranians.  The work of these ladies are published widely in which they have defended Iran against internal and external enemies.    

People who have written in support of Fred and Co. under the above link are liable for defamation.

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