Good always wins

I have a question. It’s going to sound dumb, and maybe it is. But you might find it interesting too.

Why is it that in literature, movies — and I guess society in general — Good is always portrayed as acceptable and wonderful while Evil is always the bad guy?

You will never read a novel where the Evil Prince is actually loved and lives happily ever after. If the cowboys wipe out the Indians, the audience will not cheer.

Am I saying Evil should be the hero? No, but I want to know why writers and artists with their great imagination do not create something different? Mix it up a little. Unsettle some nerves. Make people think. Put them out of their morality box.

I know you will give me the names of a handful of novels or movies where the villain comes off as cool. Or where god-awful deeds are seen as right and acceptable. I’m interested in seeing what examples are out there. But these are rare exceptions.

So why does Good get such a good rap? Whoever does PR for Good is a genius. I’m just curious, what’s so good about Good? Do we recognize it instinctively? Are we born with a basic moral compass uninfluenced by family, society, religion?

I think Good is great. I believe in Good as much as any other person. Call me naive (and have I not proven that often enough?), but on balance Good has been winning since the dawn of Homo sapiens. Humanity as a whole, has become more and more humane.

Cheh midoonam. Just a feeling.

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