Somethings I’ve ‘noticed’

I’ve been browsing around about Iran alot lately and I have been learning alot about the revolution. Most people say that it was internal and no other countries helped, but I am farely certain that it was aided by various countries (Read: Britain, USA)

Look at this video of Carters’ toast of the shah in 1979. When he says “Island of stability” his whole tone completely changes for that part, he sounds as if he feels guilty you could say.

Also this one of Reagen’s to me sounds a bit fishy (I’m probably just seeing what I want to see though.)

My mom said at the time of the Revolution that no one knew who exactly was organizing it in Iran, she said they received pamphlets on where to go. Well making millions of pamphlets takes time and money lots of it, something a CIA or British inteliigence agency would have.. I have also heard that USA and Britain feared that Iran was becoming to friendly with the Soviets? I think they may have feared communist uprising, thus they put in the Mullahs to despose of the faithless communists’. Lastly, the shah always said he wanted to break free from USA and Britain which they didn’t like. I think that they put the Mullah’s in power but once they came to power they kicked Britaina nd USA out of Iran and then the students’ took the embassy, it seems awfully fishy that a bunch of students’ who wanted to just take the hostages for a few days would wait 444 days, and then release them the second Reagen is sworn in. I beleive they were working for someone other than Iran. When the Shah vistied the USA before the revolution there were a couple hundred protestors’ at his speech pretending to be Iranian-Americans in masks, it was later learned that most of them had blonde hair and knew barely any Farsi.

 I see this as all being a big conspiracy that went wrong for the USA onceeini betrayed them. What do you think?

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