Interview: Rooz Talks to Komeleh Leader Abdollah Mohtadi

The Winner of Iran’s Free Elections is Mousavi

Perhaps because of the heavy propaganda by the Islamic republic or perhaps because the media was not as developed as it is today, the Kurdish party was for years a synonym for armed men who engaged in violence and terrorism in the mountains and cities of Iranian Kurdistan with the goal of separating Kurdistan from Iran. But after the events that have taken place in Iran since June 12, 2009, political and social activists in this country who are now in the millions because of the green movement, have discovered a different image of Komeleh.

The secretary general of the Komeleh party Abdollah Mohtadi has played a very important role in making this image credible. He talks to the media, categorically defends the territorial integrity of Iran, talks of peaceful and civil struggle for the attainment of democratic demands of all the Iranian people, defends the green movement and its leaders, and stresses on the negation of violence and oppression. He views all the claims of beheadings carried out by Kurds to be the creation of the propaganda machinery of the Islamic republic and believes that during the last year the people of Iran have witnessed the lies spread by this machinery.

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