Iranian Y-DNA Project

Fellow Iranians,

I am the new administrator of the Iranian Y-Chromosome DNA Project, which is run at Family Tree DNA, one of the most reputable and established genetic testing companies in the world.(

This project intends to establish connections between Iranian families by performing a Y-Chromosome test on any male with direct paternal ancestry from Iran.

The Y-Chromosome is an invaluable tool for tracking deep ancestry, as it does not recombine and mutates at a rate which allows researchers to track old population movements. This, together with the patriarchal (male-dominated) nature of societies from Iceland to Pakistan, is the reason why the project is focused on Iranian male lines.

Male lines that trace back exclusively to Iran’s territory are invited to participate in this project. Iran’s population is not limited to the Persian-speaking majority; significant minorities include Azeris, Kurds, Balochis, the Talysh, Loris & Bakhtiaris, Iranian Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Turkmens and the Qashqai. The project is in its’ early stages but already features 35 participants from 10 ethnic groups, ranging from Persian to Talysh.

As well as tracing deep ancestry, the Iranian Y-Chromosome DNA Project serves a purpose for genetic genealogy. Most Iranian surnames have existed for only a couple of generations, meaning recent connections were severed once families moved to larger towns or cities and adopted different surnames from their immediate kin.

I have already interacted a handful of times with the regular users on Iranian.Com and noted the enthusiasm of a few concerning genetic genealogy. My intentions are to inform the Iranian community of this opportunity, guide prospective participants through the process and share this incredible experience with them.
I do not benefit financially from administrating the project, nor do I receive any incentive from Family Tree DNA. I wish to see this project succeed and represent Iran’s genetic diversity. Above all, however, I want the Iranian Y-DNA Project to serve as a foundation for the Iranian diaspora to investigate their recent genealogy, particularly those from cities like Tehran, where older ethnic identities are obscured and lost with each passing generation.

For more information, I am more than obliged to answer any questions here regarding the project or Iranian genetics. Alternatively, feel free to contact me via PM, or the address listed on the Iranian Y-Chromosome DNA Project page.

– Iranian Y-DNA Project Admin

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