I share my experience, it may help other friends, I hope so

The story of a college teacher in the USA, I hope it will help and give some experience to the people.


If we share our experience with each other may be we can have more benefits? If we stay indifferent, may be we all will lose more or?

I do not know if this letter will help you or not. American is land of possibilities for may be some people and also the land of destroying for other people. There is not inflation like in Iran here, so you have to be very care to borrow money from the bank. May be what you bought with bank money with 9 % interest its price will came down for example 40% and in this time you will lose all your down payment and still you should pay a high interest. You cannot compare here with Iran. In Iran is inflation about 25% and if you pay even 20% interest, you will be OK and the price of what ever you bought is going up. Here is the opposite. In Iran you can go to judge ,but here you cannot and you need to have a lawyer and he will $200 per hour for the consultation and you should pay a lot of money in advance to the attorneys to take your case to the court. Some time in the middle of the case they say they will not continue and no other attorney will take the case, because the want the money and no attorney will take the case. That is the land of opportunities for some people and the land of destroying for other people, especially is you are not careful. The lie here is or means business and many people misuse people who are looking for job and or poor people to make money from them. The police is very indifferent also and do not want to be involve especially if the people rob your house. They say that is a civil matter. Some times a forest had more law.

As I explained I was a university instructor at the university and consultant , translator for languages for the government and worked also in German Embassy school as a teacher. Because of problem in Iran I have been persecuted and should go out of the country. My mother was Baha’i and I was in Christian school as a teacher. The government wanted that I write bad and aggressive materials in the newspapers against other religions. I denied and persecuted. I came to USA 1996 and I did work here until my paper was evaluated and I was sub-teacher and teacher for German and Latin in Oviedo High and later also instructor for Arabic, German and politic in Seminole Community College. The Orange County told me if I buy a house in County and agricultural zone, I can have a boarding and language school there. I bought two house as I had a lot of demand and they gave me license and occupational license.

About two and half years ago, the County told me they made a mistake and cancelled my occupational license. That was a mistake from them, but it destroyed my life. I lost more than $ 800,000 plus a lot of year that I worked in the school. I plan ted over 1000 fruit trees and I spend more than $800,000 to design it for a nice boarding school. I had no other choice than renting to regular people. But these people stole materials and because it was a nice boarding with a lot of new furniture, they thought I am rich and they can take what ever they want. The last time that I rented , the people did not pay rent and as I have to go to the court to send them of the house they got angry and destroy again the house and this time , they took all the washer and dryer, refrigerator and…. I think I need another $40,000 to recover their damages and buy the stolen materials.


As you see with a mistake of the Orange County , I have been totally destroyed. As I know eight languages , I tried to work in Iraq or Afghanistan. I passed all the exams , but I do not get clear as I have financial problems. With other words, Orange County makes mistake I have to be punished? The tenant stole my materials, I have been punished. Because I am responsible for the attitude and if they stole my belonging, I have to pay for the new one. Insurance Company gather money from me and now they do not pay also. They just paid to dry the floor, but the rest is my problem. The people do not pay me and gave me bad checks again I have to be punished. Is it just for a ciaos? Is it just that the other people robbed me, did not pay and make mistake and I have the responsibilities for all of their false and bad action?

I trusted the Orange County and I thought their document and their stamps and signature is good and should be trusted, now they say they did a mistake and I have to pay for their mistake. I trusted the people and rent my house and they did not pay and took materials and destroy the house. Is there any law that can also support me? I am 57 years old and worked 30 years as a college teacher and consultant and system and people destroyed my life. Now I cannot even work in Iraq or Afghanistan as a supervisor or translator. How can I survive, in the time that the system does not care. The TV station Canal 9 came to my boarding and filmed the situation. I hope there is a law and just that can help me ? or , there is indifferent action according my lost? I am also a writer and wrote over 1000 short stories in the newspapers and internet. If the system is indifferent and let the people do what ever they want, today I am the victim ,but the criminal will continue their activities. Until more and more people will be the victims. We cannot than blame the terrorist, as the terrorist are the result of ignorant and unjust. Soon they will grow faster than now if we and our system stay useless and indifferent. I still try to continue the school, because in my school the student can learn, work in agricultural activities and live in a nice relatively cheap place.

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