Dr. Zahra

In a written interview with the Toronto based Iranian journalist and cartoonist Nik Ahang Kowsar,  the wife of the former two-term Prime Minister of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, who is now a purported “opposition leader”, says few interesting things.

The link to the English translation of the interview is at the bottom. 

Aside the usual charlatan Ali Shariati copied demagoguery, Zahra Kazemi Mousavi who goes by the name of “Dr. Zahra Rahnavard” says:

The plurality of this unity is philosophical and political, social and cultural. Within this kaleidoscope, why not allow for all colors to exist side by side?”

And she continues by posing a seemingly reasonable question:

“Why should Mousavi, a religious man and a supporter of Khomeini not be entitled to honestly wear his true colors?”

I don’t know about others, but I’ve got no problem with Dr. Zahra’s husband staying devoted to Khomeini or as he likes to venerate him, “the Imam”.  

But, I do have a huge problem with Mr. two-term Prime Minister not owning up to crimes against humanity committed by his ideal during his own Prime Ministership. 

His “Imam’s” handwritten order is available in which the fate of thousands of summarily murdered Iranian prisoners were sealed.  

Is it possible for this unabashed follower and devotee of a proven mass murderer to be the leader of anything except maybe the likeminded fellow criminally insane patients in the secure psych ward?



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