Distortions at Fourth Hand

….The response to the three books under review nicely illustrates
this selection process. Hildebrand and Porter present a
documented study of the destructive American impact on
Cambodia and
the success of the Cambodian revolutionaries in overcoming it,
a very favorable picture of their programs and policies, based
on a
wide range of sources. Published last year, and well received
by the
journal of the Asia Society (Asia, March-April
1977), it
has not been reviewed in the Times, New
York Review
or any mass-media publication, nor used as the basis
editorial comment, with one exception. The Wall Street
acknowledged its existence in an editorial entitled “Cambodia
Guys” (November 22, 1976), which dismissed contemptuously the
idea that the Khmer Rouge could play a constructive role, as
well as
the notion that the United States had a major hand in the
death and turmoil of wartime and postwar Cambodia.


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