With country after county closing their doors on IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, denying it access to the civilized world’s facilities and materials, fellow Islamist government currently ruling Turkey is fast becoming the last conduit.

Trying to replicate the now useless IRR companies in the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, there are news reports of hundreds of Islamist Rapist front companies establishing bases in Turkey.   

Although Turkey is a historical regional adversary/rival for Iran, its current Islamist government is using IRR friendly policies as leverage against sane world. Once Turkey becomes secular again and/or achieves its short-term tactical goals, as others have, it too will dump IRR in a New York minute.

In the mean time, to buy IRR time to get its hand on nuke, Iranians are to witness yet another great transfer and whittling away Iran’s wealth and national interests this time to rival Turkey. For all intents and purposes, Turkey is IRR’s last expensive meal.

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