Let AlQaeda go

Should Al Qaeda be taken off the terrorist group?

Well, for the sane world, this would make as much sense as taking MEK off the terrorist group, wouldn’t it?

There has been much debate about the MEK as a terrorist group and the faith of their members in Iraq. Few thing that has been indisputable and not subject to debate, is the history and conduct of this group, their affiliation and the nature of the group which often is described as a cult. Ideologically, they are as far removed from democratic ideals as N. Korea, IRI or the grand champion Saudi Arabia and secularly, they are the Mullahs in plain cloth. Their participation in the Iran-Iraq war and siding with the enemy, Saddam has made them the single most effective catalyst to brings Iranians together and unit in opposing any thing that has the smell of MEK. However, there are many of their members that are held in various camps, mostly in Iraq and one wonders what should be done for them? Should they be let go without first denouncing their group and leadership? What should be done to the leadership which still enjoys a comfortable life and immunity in EU.

Now, the EU along with some groups in US and their proxy are urging the US State department to remove this group off the terrorist list.

One wonders what are the motivation behind such move? What has MEK done to gain the trust of these governments and what is the plan with this group afterwards? What are the motivation of some Iranians on IC advocating such policy?

Also, knowing that this group is the greatest catalyst for uniting Iranians against any outside threat to , is the West trying to nullify the opposition in Iran and why?

I personally believe that MEK members should be released and integrated into society but not before they have denounced MEK and their leadership and the treasonous history. As the leadership goes, it will give the West much needed credibility in combating terrorism but bringing them to the court of justice and give them a fair trail.

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