Poll: Iranians support IRI and nukes

The poll found that, by a massive three-to-one majority, Iranians want closer ties to the West, not reduced links. They also support Western criticism of Iranian human rights violations and aid to Iranian nongovernmental organizations.
Despite their desire for closer ties, however, as tensions have risen on the nuclear issue, Iranians have felt spurned by the West. Almost nine-tenths are now hostile to America—a 40-point increase on 2008—while 55 percent are unfavorable to Europeans.
The leaders of Iran’s opposition Green Movement are favored by roughly one-third of Iranians, the poll found, similar to theiIran, Lebanon, Israelis and Palestinians: New IPI Opinion Polls Two IPI opinion polls find Iranians want nuclear arms, Lebanese are critical of Hezbollah stances, Palestinians are hopeful, and Israelis, anxious. (The poll results on Iranian opinions is directly below. Click here to jump to the poll results on Lebanon, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories) Poll #1: IPI Iran Poll Finds Iranians Want Nuclear Arms, Spurn Deals to Halt Uranium Enrichment, but Worry About Sanctions and Isolation Iranians want nuclear weapons and reject proposed international deals to restrict the production of enriched uranium, but they are anxious about the international sanctions and isolation their country faces, a new poll has found. The polls were made public today at the International Peace Institute by the pollster, Craig Charney, President of Charney Research and … >>>

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