The half-ass way

It was billed as a spontaneous all-encompassing politico social movement which cannot be stopped. Well, where is the “unstoppable” Islamist faction of the Green Movement now?

Besides issuing redundant, generalized sermon like declarations, open letters and press releases, for all practical purposes, the Islamist Green movement is dead as a doornail.

By any measurement, the lets go back to the “Golden era of the Imam” leadership manifesto of the career Islamist trio, Khatami-Karubi Mousavi, has shooed away the multitude. It has also laid bare, for the umpteenth time and at exorbitant price in precious lives, that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, in unreformable and needs to be overthrown.

On the first anniversary of his passing, today a group of believers are planning to visit the gravesite of Montazari, the once heir apparent to the mass murdering Khomeini.

At the cost of losing the turbanned throne, the late Montazaeri distinguished himself by denouncing the Islamists’ runaway savagery and despite having participated in the early stages of the bloodlettings, will probably be remembered kindly by history.

The lesson Montazeri leaves the Islamists, both in power or the ones fighting to get it back, is simple. It is possible to denounce barbaric Islamist ways, forsake it as a governing dogma and be better for it. However, you cannot do it half-ass as the Islamist “reformers” think they can, it is one or the other.

Lets hope the right lesson is learned and the “reformist” Islamists do not try to create a “reformist” Islamist Imam out of the late Montazeri.

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