Defiance is exciting, exhilarating

A very dear and wise person once emailed me passionately expressing his views on our current social state;“I am bitter of a system which convinces its people, in the name of protecting ones family, to buy tanks like SUVs destroying the planet, and making orphans of another family in an accident. I am angry at a system which pays 11 cents an hour to a textile worker in Bangladesh, so I can buy my t-shirt for 5 bucks or get it free from organizations who run an event. I am frighten of our culture that considers shopping and consumption a hobby, a way, and a right without any consideration to its effect on others and the planet!! Therefore I find myself in a constant state of personal revolution to counteract these issues in my own existence, and honestly I recommend it to everyone, as its purposeful, passionate and exhilarating,”In the past year living in Tehran, on a quest to find my roots I have had the chance to witness first hand the manifestation of people’s passion, which is very exciting, and necessary to continue the work of justice. But it does not address what matters most: Our individual responsibility to one another and to our planet which transcends all borders, nationalities and “isms”.

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