My heart is yours, Part II

 Part of the Arman series My heart is yours…, Love Letter

In life there are certain things that will always come to be…. death, taxes, birth and falling in love. The birth of a new child and the beginning of a new love are much better than the latter.

Almost a year ago, Arman was heart broken. Now, he is like a new man reborn. Amazing how the beginning of a new love has a way of transforming a person. What is it about love that just makes everything around look, smell and sound so much better? What would posess an individual to travel an hour one way, once or twice a month, just to see the object of his affection? I am in awe as I watch it unfold.

I must say that the young lady is most worthy of his affection. She is attending university and has a great deal of common sense. She has requested to meet me. I have agreed to meet her. It will be an interesting meeting. Even more interesting is that Arman’s father has requested to meet her. Now, that would be a meeting worth attending. It is as though the Godfather has requested an audiance with you. Get the picture?!

Arman’s father graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. She attends Texas A & M University. I am sure many of you are familiar with the rivalry. I still remember when the boys told me, “Dad said he would pay for all of our university costs. As long as we did not attend Texas A & M University.” Yep! The irony of Arman’s selection does not escape me. I think it is so delicious.

l am very happy for my son and hope that all ends well for him on his new journey. Love can be a beautiful journey, if it is shared with the most compatible person. It can be like heaven on earth. It does not mean that there will not be challenges. After all, life has a way of being a roller coaster ride.

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