Things I learned this Week at IC

Things I learned this week:

1.Parazit is a Zionist arm of the America propaganda machine.
2..Politics before Incest.
3…The first 20 years of Isreal’s Nuclear program were not as dangerous as the last 30.
4….Isreal unspokenly relates to every topic:3000 nameless Iranians in Jail = 3000 Palestinians.
5…..New News: Anti-War Apologists are still after Tony Blair.
6……US Politicians call for Bombing Iran daily.
7..A Red Iran sign means Go ahead and Bomb Iran.
8…Baba Wawa is the spokesperson for the Shah’s Male Chauvinistic Hidden Persona.(P.B.U.H.)
9….Fat people are Inhuman Sloths.
10…..The Attack on Palestine 3 years ago was Unprovoked..
11……Iran’s passenger parts are not banned,but wait- Yes they are!
and finally
12…….Allah Awkbar is spelled Allah Akbar…And it’s Arabic!

I know,I know….I’ve got a long way to go!


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