Are Iranian men betraying Iranian women by not doing more to get rid of IRI?

We all know that in IRI, women are second class citizens. Yet, this regime has been in power for more than 30 years. Can we say that Iranian men are collectively betraying the women by not working more actively against IRI so the regime falls?

 I know that there are men like “Majid Tavakoli’ but I am talking about a collective betrayal of Iranian women by their husbands, sons, brothers.  Men of Iran under IRI get to have the law to be on their side regarding many affairs such as family laws, and inheritance, So are they just happy to rip fruits of this injustice so they have less incentive to get rid of IRI. Face it, If you deprive half of the population of their rights, the other half gets to have more than they deserve.  What do you think?

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