Masochists demonstrating in Iran

Two days before the demonstration called for  by the leaders of the Islamist faction of the Green Movement, their political umbrella, “The Islamic Iran Participation Front ” has issued a bewildering declaration.

The leaders are all ultimate IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, insiders who have yet to answer for the crimes against humanity committed under their watch.

Kid you not, the “reformist” Islamists declare, “The Iranian nation” is after making the establishment, a.k.a IRR, “impervious to downfall.”

In other word, speaking on behalf of “the Iranian nation” the Islamist Greens say the Iranian people want to risk life and limb, including the very real and high possibility of being raped, to come out not demonstrate against the 32 years of oppression. Rather, they are just asking their Islamist Rapist oppressors to implement changes which would assure the continuation of the oppression.

In essence and for all practical purposes, that would make their version of “the Iranian nation” a masochist one.

Does it make sense?

Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all are just funny.

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