25 Bahman

Latest videos will be posted here as they become available. See news and more updates here. Also direct reports from Iran in Persian here.

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Face-off between protesters and guards

Tearing down Khamenei poster

Another large poster torn down

Security forces roaming the street

Pro-Khatami slogans in his hometown, Ardakan

Basiji breaks car glass, attacks people:

Protests as viewed from a bus:

“I’ll kill the one who killed my brother”

“Freedom or Death”

Tear gas attack in Teharn:

Protester arrested in Rasht:

Disabled man hit in the head by police:

Sharif University, “toop, tank, basiji digar asar nadaarad”

Protests continuing into the night

“Death to Khamenei” slogans

Basiji bike set on fire

“Irani mimirad, zellat nemipazirad

Chanting “Death to diktator” on Tehran’s Azarbaijan St

Protesters escape security forces

“Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic”

Beating up regime supporter

Shot protester taken by ambulence

Marg bar Diktator…

Barricades and making bonfires

Sharif University:”Death to Mahmoud the traitor”

Sharif University studnet rally

Motor oil on the street to prevent against basijis on motorcyle

Tehran: Chanting Khamenei is next to fall

Security forces turn back people

Blood from injured protester

Singing “Yare Dabestani”

Motorized forces preparing to confront protesters

Protesters cheer as Khamenei poster brought down

Tehran protests continue into the night

Protester’s leg covered in blood

“Marg bar Khamenei”

MORE 25 Bahman videos >>> PART 1PART 2

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