Wanting Jhaleh’s body

Amongst the multitude of security and apparatuses of oppression in the service of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, their Brownshirts, aka the Basij, has a notoriety of all its own.

The mostly dogmatic Islamist sexual perverts, Basijies are detested by the Iranians, and in particular the youth.

So it is a double insult for what the Islamist Rapists are trying to do with the actual identity one of the protester they murdered yesterday.

According to “Brigadier-General Ahmad Reza Radan”–who is accused by eyewitnesses to have personally raped Iranian men at the notorious Hakrizak rape and torture center located on the outskirts of Tehran and is on the sane world’s sanction list—the murdered victim was a member of the Basij and murdered by the protesters.

Whereas  the victim, Sane’ Jhaleh, was an Iranian Kurd from the city of Paveh attending the College of Fine Arts in Tehran.

The late Jhaleh’s college friends have responded by vehemently denying his membership in the detested Basij and have published a brief bio of their murdered friend.

This body snatching and expropriating by the Islamist Rapists is nothing new; to hide evidence of their crime and/or galvanize their barbaric Islamist forces they do this sort of thing all the time.

However, this time around they’ve chosen the wrong victim and added insult to injury. And it seems the students are determined to not let them get away with this latest Islamist body snatching.





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