To Invade or Not?

This is a powerpoint presentation asking a simple question; can Iranians win the battle for freedom and democracy in Iran on their own or do they need outside assistance?

With savage and brutal tactics, the IRGC have imprisoned literally 10’s of thousands of Iranians, torutured them, raped the women, executed the highest number ever in the history of Iranian political executions – made a business out of selling dead body organs on the world black market …and if you listen to the regime …they ARE ON RECORD saying they would happily kill MILLIONS of IRANIANS to stay in power. The people do not have guns, do not have weapons to counter this type of brutality. What should they do? The IRGC is also very sophisticated, and has its stooges outside IRAN aggressively countering the only option left for the people of Iran – and that is to ask for outside assistance to put down this regime.  If you want to find out who is working secretly for this regime, which lobbying group? Which media outlet? Then focus on one question – is that group pro- or against outside support?

In my opinion the “west” owes Iran. They “owe” Iranians their freedoms after all the supression they put Iranians through for the last 100 years. It is time the world came together and helped the Iranian people. It is also time to put down the IRGC forever – they are not just a threat to Iranians – but to the whole world.

One final point, before anyone accuses me of not being an Iranian patriot. I am an Iranian patriot. The true traitors are this regime and the IRGC that have handed 118,000 sq km of Iranian territory in the Caspian to the Brits, the real traitors are those that import 280,000 kilos of Heroin and Opium from afghanistan (as the pasdars do) and distribute it in Iran with millions of addicts, the real traitor are those who grab our precious youth imprison them, torture them, kill them and sell their organs; the real traitors are those who do not even follow their own constitution – and defraud elections, do not allow peaceful public demonstrations, etc etc.; the real traitors are those that shoot iranians for no cause – kill their own people; the real traitors are those pasdars that live like kings with separate supply chains (their own duty free ports), their own apartments, schools, hospitals etc. – while the rest of the population are suffereing; the real traitors are those that have caused the highest rate of emigration from Iran – Iran has lost millions of its best and brightest – they have caused an exodus; the real traitors are those that have destroyed Iran, destroyed Islam, destroyed anything of value to Iran and Iranians. The IRI and its military arm the IRGC are the real traitors.

Iranians need help to put down these evil traitors. See this presentation:


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