the rotten Apple

The earnest opponents of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, those who believe the nature of a rotten apple cannot be reversed; have never had an easy task to convey their message that there is no “reforming “of this Islamist system.

There are many reasons for this situation, some external; however, most due to the wishful thinking nature of a good number of the opposition which invariably allies itself with IRR’s ruses.

If it was not the eight years of “reconstruction” by the thieving murderous but “pragmatic”  Rafsanjani, the “billionaire Mullah “, it was the eight years of belief in the religious democracy” oxymoron that charlatan Khatami spewed. And for the past few years it is the nonsensical desire to have other lifelong career Islamists with checkered past take up where Khatami left off, ie. “Reform “flavored business as usual within the constitutionally mandated unreformable system.

The kicker is, the candidates for the continuation of the “reform” farce, constantly remind all, that they are after returning to the “ golden era of the Imam” meaning the mass murderer Khomeini. And they plan to do this by abiding to every letter of the current “constitution”, a legal document which prohibits any change unless the absolute lifetime ruler approves of it.  

And now that the latest “reform” scheme has all but shown to be just that,  those who have been saying it ain’t gonna work, are accused of being stooges of foreign powers, warmongers, Iran haters and the reason Islamist “reformation movement” has not succeeded.

No matter how many Iranians men, women and children are sacrificed at the altar of the phantom “reform”, it will not happen for a simple reason; the nature of a rotten apple can not be reversed.

There is still time before IRR brings another war on Iran and Iranians, this time a more devestating one.  Lets use the time for wishful thinking and daydreaming about reforming the unreformable Nazi like Islamists, “reformers” and all.

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