Reshaping the Middle East?

the US-led allied attack on Libya, the impression so far created in the
media that the uprising across the Arab world and part of Africa was
homegrown and indigenous, proves to be wrong and it is now clear that
behind the overthrow of Abideen in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt, and the
uprising in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria, are the no other than the western
powers who are poised to reshape the Middle East under the much
talked-about Greater Middle East plan that, ironically enough, includes
Pakistan as well. Whatever the resentment Col Qaddafi and other
autocratic monarchs elsewhere across the Arab world are facing at home
and amongst the international community should not be considered as an
immediate reason – because the same dictatorial regimes had been
surviving for decades in the past with the active support and backing
from Washington and other colonialist countries in order to further
their agendas in their own carved scheme of things. What has all at once
gone wrong with the regimes already serving as the superpower’s stooge
and what are the people, comparatively prosperous with major economic
woos, aspiring to regime change and what caused them the immediate
reason that boiled into massive movement?

That the Facebook,
Twitter, internet and blog chats spread the awareness at a large scale
amongst the Arab youth, the fact rem… >>>

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