Who is Targeting and Killing Palestinian Supporters?

(LONDON) – The zionist criminal Lee Kaplan 
– founder of “Stop the ISM” website, who has for long campaigned for
the murder of peace activist and supporters of Palestine- celebrates the
success of his criminal campaign and the murder of the two much-loved activists, Juliano Mer-Khamis and Vittorio Arrigoni, most likely at the hands of mossad agents.

  Lee Kaplan rejoices: I
confess that most years, after the first cup of wine at the Passover
Seder, I drink grape juice for the remaining three glasses. But not
this year!  Four glasses of wine it will be


notice that the pages in which he was calling for the murder of the
peace activists has been removed (in their usual method of getting rid
of the evidence), their criminal website of today is very
different than that  of 2009, fortunately, many activists (including
myself) have saved the original page in which the criminal zionist
Lee Kaplan was calling for the killing of many activist, please c… >>>

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