Persian pushers

IRANIAN drug rings have emerged as major players in Klang Valley’s drug ‘business’ and now control about 90 per cent of the local syabu or crystal methamphetamine market.

Narcotics experts said this was achieved within two years. It is believed their domination of the market was the result of careful planning.

“It’s no accident they are where they are now. The Iranian syndicates had been steadily building up their profile over the last couple of years and were primed to take over the syabu trade,” said an expert familiar with their modus operandi.

Their success, said the expert, was largely due to two factors. “Firstly, they sell the drugs at cheaper prices than others, thus undercutting competitors. Secondly, their syabu is also of better quality than anything produced or imported by the local syndicates.”

The expert said this ensured a constant demand for the Iranian products.

It is believed the supplies were distributed to not only users, but local as well as Iranian pushers, the latter being more comfortable with sourcing supplies from their countrymen.


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