Why is it that a paradise on earth, Iran, occupied by the evil culprits, allows the lingering assassination, execution, genocide and martyrdom of her noble nationals by the hundreds at a time?

Why is it that the repressive tugs, theologians, autocrats, and dictatorial forces, have coalesced to desperately stretch their illegitimate power grips on a whole nation for their ulterior greed?

Why is it that people, despite blatant violations of their civil, human, natural, and constitutional rights, continue to bare such painful subjugations by the ruling evil forces?

Why is it that the dark repressive charlatans and shysters, resort to inflicting the most excruciating and criminal miseries, and not instead realize that their ruling hegemony would sooner than later be over with?

Why is it that the linchpin theocrats and their cronies and tugs, misrepresent and twist the very imperfect religious doctrine they pontificate on, though deep down they must know when the time comes that a million of them have to fatally pay back for their crimes against humanity?

Why is it that as ostentatious as the criminals in power may feel that they are so horrified of even the dead corpse of a late noble father Ezzat, whom they kill his daughter Haleh and steal their bodies?

Why is it that they have concluded repression could be exerted indefinitely, whilst history has repeatedly proven the opposite?

Why is it that despite cognizance of worldwide opinion about deprivation of Iranians of their legitimate aspirations a hundred years in the making, that the international community remains complacent about it?

Why is it that people’s struggle via resistance and perseverance has not yet yielded the nation the much anticipated and far overdue secular democratic society a few hundred years in the yearning?

Pirouz Azadi, Portales New Mexico June 2011

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