Analyst Views Iran’s Independence as Root Cause of West’s Animosity

TEHRAN (FNA)- Professor Paul Sheldon Foote believes that Iran’s independence-seeking approach after the 1979 Islamic Revolution is the root cause of the western animosity towards Tehran.


“Iran has become the target of the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites), Zionists, and others because it has dared to become independent, Iran does not want to be cheated by America and others by selling its oil for dollars,” Professor Paul Sheldon Foote said in an interview with FNA.

Sheldon noted the recent uprisings in the region, and said the Middle East has been ripe for this unrest for many years. Fifteen years ago, when I was a professor at Sultan Qaboos University, I warned many Omanis that this unrest would come even to Oman. While the exact reasons for the unrest vary by country, there are some common themes: (a) autocrats or dictators who claim to be Muslims (b) the perversion of Islam by the autocrats or dictators to mean submission to the autocrats or dictators rather than submission to Allah (c) foreign interference.

“In Egypt, many in the world are waiting to see if Egypt opens the Rafah Crossing to Gaza. If not, then everyone will know that the Egyptian Revolution has been a fraud. Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Bahrain and its support for terrorist organizations such as the MEK raises questions outside the Muslim world as to w… >>>

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