A Glimpse Into the Mentality of IranMilitaryForum.net

This is what our favorite South Lebanese IRI operative on this site thinks of Iranian women:


by IranMilitaryForum.net on Thu Jun 16, 2011 09:55 AM PDT

girls & women are all angels and it was just a revolution that spoiled them into prostitution, right?. Give me a brake. Whoever eats that shit does not have an iota of common sense let alone any authority on the subject.

The Iranian whores have a lot more to do with personal choices than politics than some would like to paint this picture with.

Ask those Iranians who live in Toronto where to find Iranian hookers on the North side of Yonge st., a thousands of miles away from Iran and in the heart of world prosperity. This sort of women exist in every society, they are like sharks that just need water. This sort of behavior is no different than seeing hundreds of Iranian girls/women who prey on genuine Iranian family men living outside of Iran for a green card/permanent residency that would leave their husbands even with children as soon as they obtain their papers in the Pro women laws of the West and start their disco/bar rounds (the only thing missing in Iran for them) when the poor husbands are forced by law to provide for both the mothers and children to eternity. Worse, these types of women are not caste sized by fellow Iranians abroad and thus this phenomena flourishes even further.”

There you have it folks. Form the horse’s own mouth. It’s from this thread. Aside from this comment being stupidly misogynistic and pig-headed, it also goes to show the mentality of IRI’s foreign fighter corps. No wonder they are brought in by the IRI to beat, shoot and kill Iranians on the streets with no mercy whenever there is uprising in Iran. This is what they think of us.

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