CIA: Iran Is *Not* Building Nuclear Weapons

The latest on the slow-motion nightmare that is Iran’s nuclear weapons program isn’t too surprising: Tehran it’s installing new centrifuges, likely in a new secret facility, to more quickly amass a stockpile of highly enriched uranium. Most of us who have been watching Iran for years understand that Iran’s nuclear weapon is a matter of if not when. Even the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps makes no pretense that the program is peaceful as Iran’s toadies have suggested for years. A May 4 posting on, an IRGC official outlet, noted that “the day after the Islamic Republic of Iran’s first nuclear test is a normal day for us Iranians, however, there will be a new sparkle in the eyes of many.” (See AEI’s Iran Tracker for a related article.) But darn it, that’s not enough for the U.S. intelligence community, which is reportedly hanging tough on its 2007 assessment that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program.

In an outstanding piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst, State Department non-proliferation adviser, and House intel staffer, the intelligence com… >>>

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