NIAC Rising

At the time when only the most gullible still fall for the possibility of “reforming” the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), the NIAC Lobby (the Lobby) and its lifetime unelected president are at a crossroad.  

The Lobby now has the opportunity to come clean about its murky past and wrongheaded policy which includes being the Persian face of the lobbying effort for full economic as  well as diplomatic relationship between the US and the Iranian men, woman and children raping, maiming and murdering IRR.

Of course the Lobby’s opposition to the placement of the Revolutionary Guards on the US terrorist list, the same Guards which is the main instrument of heaping unspeakable brutality on Iranians as well as conducting terrorist activities abroad, is one of the many manifestations of the Lobby’s attempt at achieving full rapprochement between IRR and US. 

If the Lobby chooses to mend its ways, it can become a full fledge Iranian-American organization and not just a niche lobby for the business elite under a bogus and shifty mission statement.

Failing to do so, it can look forward to perpetual increase in the number of already sizable vociferous opponents who are after a democratic Iran which is only possible with IRR, its so called “reformist” included, out of the picture.

NIAC lobby has got to choose, continue to be part of the problem, or become part of the solution to the unreformable IRR bent on imposing war on Iran and the region.  

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