Should Iranians Ask for Help?

بیگانه گریزی و بیگانه هراسی

Recently, and after Ghadhafy’s demise and amid Assad’s troubles, I have noticed an increase in the number of comments stating that, “we should not ask the west for help or we don’t want to be anybody’s bitch or we don’t need a Chalabi, Alavi or Halabi.”

While I do agree with the spirit of these comments, I am a firm believer that in the proper time and under certain conditions, if the choice in front of the Iranian people is to choose between the Regime staying in power through brute force for many more years or asking for assistance from the outside world, I would vote for asking for help. But at the same time, I am not saying “burn the village to save the village.” So let’s not go there.

I know that foreigners don’t have our best interest in mind and if we allow them they will screw us royally, but that’s where we need to be clever and vigilant. After all, do we blame Canada for allowing the guy who stole $3 billion and took residency there or do we blame the Regime and the thief himself? How about China, Russia and other countries that pay bribes to the Regime officials to get oil and gas contracts and deposit money in their Swiss bank accounts? It takes two to tango and in every fraud case there is an Iranian involved.

To those who make a case against foreign involvement in our present or future affairs, I ask a simple question. Do you make your own bread, grow your own vegetables, service your own car and, cut your own hair? Of course not, you let someone else do it. But do you give them your wallet and tell them “take as much as you need.” Of course not.

Finally, for some of us it is ok for Iranian protestors to use American-made products and services like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and a whole bunch of other ones, but it is not ok to have a business relationship with others like Chevron. Do you see the irony in this?

At the end, I believe that we are more afraid of ourselves than of them. Perhaps we are like some of our dates (significant others) who think that if they have one more drink, they may do something that they may regret tomorrow!

That takes all the fun out of life!

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