Sting’s song “Russians” in a new arrangement to “Persians”

The song of Sting about the cold war between America and Russia, with the message that the Russians do not care about their children, otherwise they would not create a horrible future for them, brought me to think that those meaningful words in his song are still relevant to the reality of the iranian and the palestinian regimes , thinking only about terror,  weapons, destruction and hatred towards other nations and not about the children.

I recorded the song and only changed the names of the leaders. I was born in iran in 1973 and immigrated to Israel because of the revolution. Iran is not only my origin. iran changed my life and in many ways decorated my destiny. In Israel I started working as a journalist ,a teacher and a musician, carrying iran every second as my main root. I despairly love my country Iran as I see Israel as my home land. it is a very painful thing to see your amzing country wasting its time under an unappropriate regime but i also hope for better future and believe i will visit free iran very soon

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