ACT: New amendment to sanctions will make it easier for Persepolis tablets to be looted

Whether you are for or against the sanctions on Iran, if of Iranian heritage, you need to be for saving our Persepolis tablets (See, e.g., THE IRANIAN: Achaemenid tablets, Matthew W. Stolper, PERSEPOLIS ELAMITE TABLETS – (The Circle of Ancient Iranian ) which are the subject of lawsuits brought by American-Israeli victims of terrorist bombings in Israel.  These court cases are on-going in the US courts now.  The legal efforts by the Iranian-American organizations have so far blocked looting of the only evidence we have of the daily activities/lives of the Achaemenid folks ca. 2500 years ago.  However, an amendment was introduced, by Senator Menendez (D-NJ) to the Iran sanctions that will make it easy for the courts to award the plaintiffs with our heritage. 

Take action, now:

NIAC: Save the Persepolis Tablets! 

OK, you hate NIAC?  Fine…. Even if you do not want to go thru NIAC, then write separately to your representaive/senator/the white house about this issue:

Contact Elected Officials |

 What is the alternative?  Don’t do anything, and bid on a piece of the Persian artifacts on ebay!

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