Poetic justice in Tehran

From almost day one of coming to power some thirty four years ago, exporting the Islamic Revolution has been the often stated goal of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Fast forward past an eight years of war which Iraq initiated in reaction to such attempts. Go past many billions of Iranian petro dollars spent on too many terrorist outfits around the globe, particularly the ones with Islamic tint in the Middle East.  And you’ll arrive at “the Islamic Awakening” conference held in Tehran the other day.

To feign success at exporting the Shiite Islamic Revolution, nearly a thousand Arabs were flown in at the Islamic regime expense. However, some of those paid for guests not having surrendered their consciences, filled in for the Syrians who were not invited.

Chanting support inside the conference room in Tehran for the people being murdered in cold blood and with impunity by the ruling Syrian Battists and assisted by the Islamic regime, is the truest defintion of blowback and poetic justice.

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