Why have Iranians become so indifferent? So was Churchill right to keep Persian hungry then you can rule over them

I am just having a heart to heart conversation with you hamvatan and at times I will be direct but I want to understand us.

As you are aware the chances of Iranian regime to go to war is much greater this year. The drums for a war are growing from all corners of the congress and organizations such as AIPAC are doing whatever they can to convince USA politicians to support Israel in case of any attacks against the Iranians.


Number 1 –

Iranian regime is a brutal, fascist Islamic regime. It runs the state like East German Stasi and the Apartheid of South Africa. Not to mention the corruption and mismanagements and the thefts. Millions of IRANIANS from all ethnicities, religion and both genders have died in the hand of this fascist regime.

Europe has been supporting this Fascist regime for the past 30 years.

Islamic Fascist Regime has been the Cash cow for the West and even USA. It is because of Islamic Republic that USA can sell its scrap metal to UAE and Saudi Arabia at an Annual revenue of $60 billion dollars. So there is no question that this regime has some benefits for the West. Oil prices have been very Low. Today the cost of Oil per barrel is like 60 to 70 dollars. During Shah it was $35 dollars. According to inflation and the demand for oil, the cost per barrel should be at 300-400 dollars. So the Islamic regime is giving away oil.

Reality about us:

Why have we given up on our country? Why have we let a government like these fascist invaders to sell out our people, destroy our land and give away our natural resources?

 I understand the argument about the fear of been killed and been tortured. So why are we not fighting back like the people in Syria, Libya or Egypt.

Why do we let our women to be treated like dogs by these savages? Why have we become so ignorant about humanity and civil obedience? For god sake we are Iranians.

 We have become like sheep. We cheer when someone is hanged from the crane, we ignore when a women is harassed on the street, we participate when a women is being sexually molested in the daylight. We have ignored the discrimination against Baha’i.

 Iranian overseas:

What is it wrong with us? 

There are over 4 million Iranians living overseas. Most have come to the countries they are currently living either through asylum, education or other means. There are 4 million Iranians living overseas and they have a strong purchasing power and tremendous ability to make changes; so why the silence?

Why can’t we unite as a country and nation to rescue our people and remove the Fascist regime?


 We have much ineffective, useless opposition who have done nothing but actually contributed to the disenfranchisement and division. Actually the opposition has strengthened the fascist regime in Iran.

 My question to the leaders of these opposition groups is what have you done to unite the people? What have you done to help the Iranian people? What have you done to contribute to solidarity and unification?


 What matters is now…we either unite and rescue our country and prevent a war and or wait let Iran our mother land becomes attacked, millions of Iranian die, Iran becomes a military state like North Korea and we have lost all the chances of freedom and democracy OR we unite and become a force that can remove the regime.

Zendeh bad Iran va Irani 

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