Iran has the best president at least he has made some progress

The president of Islamic fascist of Iran Mr. Cockroachnejad just recently announced a new progress in their Nuclear ambition.

If one creates a timeline in a chronological order, every one of you idiots who have had participated in these advancement should not only be fired but imprisoned for corruption and mismanagement. For the past 30 years they talked about progress and advancement but we haven’t seen anything. Do you know how many times they have talked about the opening of the Nuclear power plant in Bushehr, maybe 100 times and I am not exaggerating.

Wait a minute they have made some progress; in murdering Iranians, Terrorism, hating other states and creating more enemies. Islamic fascist regime has the highest execution rate, the highest number of drug users in the world.

Under the Fascists the Middle Class vanished, poverty rate has increased and corruption and embezzlement has become a norm.

For all that you need to congratulate the Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran for its progress and success. Every eight hours someone is executed in Iran, don’t you think that is an achievement?

The Iranians president is very bold and strong; he calls for destruction of other states like Israel, denies Holocaust like a Neo Nazi and tells in media that we have no Gays. I mean which president has ever done that. So Cockroachnejad should win the Trophy at least for being honest. He even says that Women should not be in sports and congratulates them when they win gold.

Of course we have no Gays or Lesbians…DUH…He executes and murders them. What a glorious achievement from our beloved president.

And he is right there was never Holocaust. So that explains the massacre and murder of 6 millions Jewish people they were done by Hitler and his Nazis. But that is not Holocaust. Our beloved president can double that number, he is almost there by killing Iranian people.

I mean at least this Cockroach is honest about the true intentions of the Islamic Fascist Regime. He has really shown the cards. The other presidents didn’t have the balls to say what these idiots always said, so the world couldn’t understand the baby face Khatami.

Since Cockroachnejad has been the president; Iran’s economy has been very active. And I mean active going downward. There is a collapse in all industrial sectors. We are engaged in Barter. Come on; let us congratulate our president for achieving that. This is an economic practice only done in 1800 centuries or during wars and depression.

We are such a progressive nation that our military hardware is from the 1970’s. Occasionally the Russians and Chinese throw us a bone here and there to make us feel good about ourselves. I mean come on we give the Chinese our oil for free and we let the Russians to exploit Caspian sea.

Aren’t you proud to be an Iranian today? Waving the Flag and calling and shouting Iran dodododo Iran

Let us be honest we are the only nation that still kicks out minorities out of school and universities and spit on their face if they are Baha’i and publicly scold them.

Let us be honest we are the only nation that in day light drags a women by her hair, kick her, sexually harass or rape her in the daylight because she deserves it for been a whore and women and the public stands and claps and cheers.

Let us be honest that in our country, our own citizens are dying on the streets from undernourishment, disease, and poverty and drug abuse.

Please be proud of yourself and the achievements you have accomplished in the last 30 years.

Cockroachnjead is really people’s man. He stands up for the rights of Palestinians, and Lebanese as well as support murderers like Assad who are very much like him. He is willing to sacrifice a whole nation for his cause and belief.

Didn’t you know that he believes that he is the chosen one? He believes that God has chosen him to show us the destiny.

One thing I don’t understand why God always chooses ugly people to be the chosen one. I mean come on choose Leonardo Di Caprio or maybe Nicole Kidman, and then I will convert to any religion you want.

But he thinks he is the chose one. No other president had ever thought of that…only in Iran and under Islamic fascist Regime we have chose president.


Do you know while writing this I felt so ashamed that we cannot as a nation come together and understand that we are been destroyed and it is so frustrating to get that point across.

God Bless you and your families…


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