The Hawthorn & the butterfly

Dressed up in green and white, the hawthorn was lingering with an air of expectancy,
birds making their nest on the wide arms of her,
she was proud she could embrace the birds

She was a rose and yet she wasn’t,

content, but deep down in her branches something was missing.
Once in a while a gentle breeze would shake her petals,
anxious in her leaves, her inner voice would cry „this shall pass too”
tremor in her arms, the bird would sing: it is the butterfly effect!
what is the butterfly? who is the effect,
the bird never replied but would fly!

Then one day, the fervor came again, waiting for it to pass,
her inner voice lying to her:
„it is the effect, it shall pass”!
feeling the effect of two wings flapping in her face
The butterfly had come, wondering, fearing not to hurt the flower,
suspended in the air, yet flapping his wings.
His look helplessly needy,
hers  inviting,
he landed on the petals as tender as the air,
the hawthorn felt the energy, the vibration of the unknown
his wings resonated,  a moment of stillness.
He whispered in her ears, filled her with a secret.
The secret told yet unknown.

She was all questions, he said breathe! And so she did.
And so he filled her with a sweet secret,
she was still, he said breathe, so she did.
With every breath, a new life was instilled
and every life returned to his wings.
His wings shaken, but not for flight.
He was helplessly in need and she was inviting yet scared.
I am scared she said! He said breathe…behold!

I want to know .
He said breathe the essence of knowledge.
She said I am filled with you, is this knowledge?
Yes it is, he said.
But why can’t I think?  
Ask the Father in Heaven!
Where is Heaven?
in Nowhereland
How do I get there?
“Now” is the bridge, breathe and behold!

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