April 1, 2012 will mark the 33rd year of the inception of the Islamic Republic in Iran. In the so-called western world this also marks April Fools Day, a day when tom foolery and tricks and jokes are played upon people in jest. Irony aside, I would like to propose a day of action in front of the embassy of the above mentioned government in Ottawa. I would like to conduct a carnival complete with cotton candy, popcorn, and arbitrary hangings and executions. There will be a festive air to this action however there will be displays of the grotesque acts of the government being conducted for all to see.

I am proposing this because no longer is the placard and shouting and marching of the 1960’s and 70’s effective; we are dealing with a totally different beast and a creative response is in order. There will be a ring leader, marching band, music, food, song, dancing and the occasional hanging. This juxtaposition is necessary in exposing the banality of evil as Hannah Arendt would say. There would be the need for a chorus which will act as the citizens of society who watch and youtube hangings as if they have gone to the theatre.

This call to action will not be your conventional demonstration. There will be no repetitive chants or speeches. We will be putting on a circus for all to see. Concluding with a mass occupation of the embassy grounds. We will need people to document the action in real time in the style of Augusto Boals Theatre of the Oppressed. We will be engaging with passer bys on Metcalfe street; the people of Ottawa who pass by the embassy on their way to work etc. Not in a passing out of leaflets or informative way but in a manner that entertains and impedes passer bys (sp) every day routine. In effect, it makes the passerby’s spectACTORS; becoming the chorus (audience) in an unscripted theatre in the round.

This is a play we are conducting and every scene must be performed with conviction and motivation to engage the passerby’s. Without that commitment of engagement the action will be passed off as churlish and ineffective. It must be performed with the dedication of a child at play. I believe that a creative response is the only way to fight fascism in the 2000’s; we are out gunned and out manned when coming up against such governments; the masters tools will never dismantle the masters house. However, if we simply expose or hold a mirror up to what is happening in Iranian society today, we will be providing not only an outlet for expression that has yet to be explored as a social movement in Iran but also mapping out a framework for what is in essence an act of civil disobedience that is not punishable in any penal code. We are throwing a party! As a side note, and this ties in to our party atmosphere, every year the embassy of Iran since 1980 has thrown a party on April 1st and February 1st inviting other ambassadors in Ottawa and various dignataries to mark the inception of the Islamic republic. This is the Islamic Republic’s version of Canada day so we will have an audience. An audience that does not know it is an audience. An audience that will be compelled to engage; playing a vital role that is unscripted and revelatory.

Please be aware that you may be charged with trespassing or conspiracy to commit mischief. Although the charges will be dropped, if you are not willing or committed to being apprehended do not engage in this call to action. There are a lot of other ways that you can be effective and participate without the risk of arrest.




April 1, 2012 is a Sunday so WE WILL NOT be ‘protesting’ on this day. A permit will be obtained from the RCMP ON MONDAY APRIL 2, 2012 FOR 1PM – 5PM

* First meet and greet and trial rehearsal will be Thursday march 1 at banu 777 queen street west in the 2nd floor mezzanine at 7pm – …..

* Please treat this ass an open call and send to any and all people that you feel would be interested>send to those that would not be interested also.

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