Syrian Army’s rhythmic tune

According to AP, the Syrian army is shelling the residential neighborhoods of Homs at the rate of 10 per minute.

In response, the sane and civilized world along with the wet-rag Arab League is issuing statements at the rate of one every few days.

The Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) has just delivered shiploads of armaments and killers.

There are no accurate numbers of murdered Syrians; they range between 5500 to over 8000 which include hundreds of children, CHILDREN.

Whenever the Syrian Army, even when teamed up with others, has tried its luck with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), it has been utterly defeated. Perhaps that is why it chooses to only attack defenseless civilians who can’t fight back.

Way to go you brave Syrian Army, the tempo of your shelling must be music to your ears, enjoy, murdering men, women and CHILDREN becomes you.

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