Don’t Blame and change Iran

How many Iranians have collaborated together not to blame each other?

Such a simple question, and yet no one has thought about it seriously enough.

Read any article in, and you will find some cunning comment, that puts the blame on some one or some system.

In the time of the Shah, the Communists and the Shah blamed each other. Later on everyone blamed the lack of democracy. 

Of course nowadays the Hezbollahis and US blame each other, and get voted into power. Look at how the various Republicans, will blame “Iran”, and get votes. The same will happen in the Hezbollah elections, and they will get votes.

But most of us do not really get involved in politics, and we blame politics itself as the root of all this mess. Most of us do not vote. But that helps those who depend on your apathy.

So think. If we don’t vote, the bad guys get elected. And of course we do not like the choice we are given. Hmm … Catch-22.

Now let’s create a different attitude. Forget blame. As I said, a lot of us blame “whateva” to not create change.

Wait, how are two Iranians ever going to collaborate on anything, to create a strong bond, to create change?

Look at a typical interaction between two Iranians. After the initial politess, the political opinions come out, and one laundry list of blames is compared to another. We just pray that they don’t blame each other, or else there will be swearing and a punch up.

So my solution is forget the blaming attitude. That is the roots of our disunity. We need a paradigm shift in our attitude.


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