How to be a strong Iranian?

How do you take on something that wants to pick a fight?

Ok, let make this clear. I am tough, seriously tough. I have been at the forums blogs websites from the beginning of the net. But I have never had to get into a fight. And I have never lost.

Iran has come a long way. Iranians have come a longer way. I remember when we all used to compare, blame and shout at each other. We used to grab each other in the streets. But we don’t do it anymore.

What has happened? Non-violent attitude. A positive outlook.

What created that outlook? Nowruz.

I remember telling people not to talk politics or religion, and be Iranian. People said, “hey idiot! What’s the matter with you? We need something instead of religion and we don’t have one.”

So I taught them all about the old Iranian ecology in Haftseen. Honestly thirty years ago, no one knew that the Seven S’s were symbols of the four elements plus human animal and plant kingdoms.

So as you can imagine they kept a simple tradition in the name of Iran, because it was not religious, and loved it. But they did not really know what their sub-conscious was seeing.

So “idiots” like me with a big mouth started yapping. I would type relentlessly. A force would take over. It was a trip. But I did it. I do it.

So this peaceful force of Nowruz is so loveable that it outglows all darkness. It crushes darkness. So we learned about doing good for the sake of good. Ancient Avesta the people did not know.

So I said to Iranians, “your ancestor said that the only road is the road of righteousness”. This statement along with “Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds” predates all prayers in Avesta.

So there you have it. Simple and strong. Go for good and be positive. Ignore the other stuff.

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