M’mad you weren’t there…

The original of ” M’mad you weren’t there… ” was a eulogy written by Javad Azizi for his comrade Mohammad, nicknamed in the song M’mad. He died in the Iran – Iraq war(1980-1988) and never lived to see the end of this bloody period. The first four lines are from the original and the rest of the song was written by ‘The Group of Nameless Infidels.’ It is an ironic, bitter account of what M’mad has missed on out over the past 24 years and how far Iran has supposedly developed since the end of the war. This song is a provocative and poignant response to living in Iran over the past few decades and creates a link between the Iran facing war with Iraq and the Iran people face today.

M’mad you were not there to see

How your city was set free.

The blood of your companions,

Was not wasted in vain.

M’mad you can’t see our prosperity

Can’t taste what it is to be free.

You would not be saddened by life

Joyously eating raisins and nuts.

M’mad you went to heaven but your place is empty

You can’t feel the joys of a full tummy.

Dinner; fresh meat, chicken and rice

Breakfast; butter, milk and honey.

The revenue from oil they deliver to us personally

Everyone offers their affections continually.

No addictions to drugs or pills

The youth are in good shape and healthy.

We have so much that in happiness they drown.

Our suicide rate is down

An absence of dissidents, an abundance in intellectuals

No one desires to deviate from the law.

Everything is clear, everything has a standard

Top to bottom has been explained and all are insured.

Every worker has a villa in the north

If they did not want it, upon them it was forced.

No, honestly.

M’mad you were not there to see

How your city was set free.

The blood of your companions

Was not wasted in vain.

M’mad you can’t see the time we are having

What conditions we have, love and peace surrounding.

Everyone is content and justice reigns

Here, life has a future.

The future; bright and secure

For money we let no one suffer and endure.

Education; free. Work; plentiful

One government supported by law.

We have become a model of dignity in the entire region

We are loved without reservation by a legion.

If you say I am Iranian you will be kissed on the mouth

Men and women will stand and cheer for you.

In economy we are the forerunners,

In sport, world renown winners,

In arts, creating new horizons,

In science, we have no competition.

At home; nuclear power is generated by a 16 year old

In Schools; they reproduce stem cells for amusement.

No traffic

No pollution

The air is fresh and clear

Universities full and prisons bare.

Clothing does not create bitterness for women

No one is killed because of their opinion.

M’mad you left, and your place is missed,

Because life here is full of bliss.

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