What Ms Alinejad must know


The lady Alinejad, must make her decision on whether she wants to be a journalist and act on this as an informed and skilled one, or she would rather to stay a rebellious without boarder?
If she claims to be a true journaliste, she must learn that in a phone interview like this, she must:

1- First, introduce herself, her full name, her employer (the jouranl or newspaper for which she works) and her exact position in that company.
In this matter she failed completely. She acted as a wana-be spy (007) calling the newspaper, avoiding to say her name (despite the frequently asked by the interlocutor) and at the end, she says her name, with a very guilty tone! If she is so sure that saying her true name might change the Fars news answer, then she has to avoid calling them, by herself. She can ask a colleague to do the job for her. Someone who is less known to the Iranian newspapers.

2- Second, she must improve the tone of her words, when she is asking such as controversial questions. She knows well that the ultimate purpose of her action, is to prove their lies, then if she comes too gullible like this, she will never obtain a credential source or a crutcial answer to her question. Then what is this comedy for? Is it just a “show off” as a rebellious protester journalist?

3- The Fars news lied about the original acceptance speech of Mr Farhadi. sooner or later, this would be known and blasted  in the world. What was Ms Alinejad’s exact motivation of doing this theatrical phone call? She calls as an anonymous person (not a professional jouranlist) and do not even ask to speak with a special person (saying his/her name) and launch her question like an atomic bomb, just to be able to publish it in her name? I am questioning the true motivation of Ms Alinejad, or at least her professionalism as a journalist.

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